It’s for real.  The daffodil fields are in full bloom.  Next come the tulips.

Daffodils are blooming in Skagit Valley

The entire month of April celebrates the SKAGIT VALLEY TULIP FESTIVAL.  For details, call 360-428-5959.

Take time to visit the neighboring communities of Anacortes, La Conner, Mount Vernon, Burlington, Samish Island, and  Bow/Edison when you come for added fun.

If you need any real estate information, call Linda Harris, 360-202-8888, Real Estate Broker, Coldwell Banker Bain.


Just yesterday as I drove from Anacortes to La Conner I saw the workers in the fields picking daffodils.  The tulips can’t be too far behind.

It reminded me that the annual Skagit Tulip Festival is just around the corner, April 1-30.  That means I may want to invite family/friends over sometime next month for the added bonus of a trip to the tulip fields.  Or, if I need to do some personal shopping in La Conner, I best do it BEFORE April 1.

At the very least, it did my heart good to realize this special time of year for all of us in Skagit County is just around the corner!

Maybe you’d like to visit Anacortes or La Conner next month and make time for tulips and house hunting!  Just let me know, and we’ll make the necessary plans.

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Dad’s Diner!


Now, in our own “front yard” we on Fidalgo Island can satisfy our yearning for good old-fashioned BBQ  at Anacortes’ new Dad’s Diner A-Go-Go on the corner of Commercial Ave. and 22nd .

For details on the mouth-watering offerings or  catering or delivery options, call owners Fletcher Mc Lean or Neil Stuchal at 360-840-2938.  If they don’t answer, they may be out stoking the fire for the BBQ pit!

If you are interested in learning more about Anacortes, or homes for sale in the area, please contact me at (360) 202-8888 or email

Are You Smarter Than Your Dog?

Are you smarter than your dog?

If not, I know someone who is—at least more often than I am.  That’s why I love my Anacortes friend and dog trainer, Debbie Exley so much!  She works very hard at being smarter than our dogs, and when “smarts” don’t quite work, usually Debbie’s enthusiasm, energy, creativity,  and obvious affection for her “students” seem to win them over.

If you live in Anacortes or the Skagit Valley and need a wonderful dog trainer, you can contact Debbie at 360-421-5968.  Debbie is a Certified Dog Trainer and AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator.  She stresses Positive-Based Dog Training for puppies and adult dogs.

Class curriculums cover the core obedience skills:  Sit, Down, Stay, Come!, Loose-Leash Walk, and Leave It” in addition to “Good Manners” behaviors.  Private sessions are available for problem issues, such as the one we have been experiencing with our young goldendoodle not wanting to jump into the back of our vehicle.  At this moment in time, the combined intelligence of Debbie, my husband, and me IS greater than our dog’s!  Debbie always had “one more idea”, and we thank her!

If you would like to know about “Smarter than Your Dog” or help with a dog-friendly move to Anacortes, please call me.

Linda Harris, Broker
Coldwell Banker Bain-Anacortes

Why I Like Samish Island . . .

Dunlins on Samish Island

This morning as I made the drive from Anacortes to a waterfront home I recently sold on Samish Island, there was free entertainment in abundance.  One of the highlights was watching one of our shore birds, probably Dunlins, flock together and take to flight, swooping in synchronized waves alongside the road.  I had to stop and try to capture the magic, definitely one of the perks of selling homes in this beautiful part of Washington state.

Samish Island, about 30 minutes from Anacortes, is a world-renowned bird-watching area.  In my short trip today, bald eagle and great blue heron were also out in abundance.

If you would like to know more about Samish Island, or homes for sale in the area, please give me a call at (360) 202-8888.

Linda Harris and Bingo