Boost the Value of Your Home

Thinking of selling soon? Right now is the perfect time to start looking for ways to increase your home value. We are not talking about major renovations, those are expensive! Did you know that small tweaks here and there can help boost the value of your home? Choosing which improvements to make is not always an easy task and a lot of times homeowners believe that a huge remodeling project is the way to go. The truth is small and inexpensive fixes throughout your home can go a long way.

Buyers always picture themselves living in the home they are looking at, so make the first impression count. Buyers start making up their minds even before they go through the front door so make sure your front door is clean. Sometimes a simple wipe can dramatically change the look of the door. If the door knob looks worn out, replace it with a new one.

Dirty carpets will give the impression that the home is not well maintained. Consider investing in a professional carpet cleaner to instantly revive your home overall look. Look around your home for clutter! Cluttered areas can make a room look small and uninviting.  Get rid of the clutter and open up some space in your home.

The kitchen is the heart of the home and buyers usually spend more time there. It is still considered the most important room in the house so make sure it looks clean. Remove clutter on the counters for extra space. Also, easy fixes like replacing the sink faucet or replacing the cabinet and drawer handles can give your kitchen and instant updated look.

Bathrooms are the second most important rooms in a home. If your toilet is looking old, replacing the seat can make your toilet look brand new. Also, consider applying fresh caulk around the tub, it will instantly make it look spotless.

Although it may sound obvious, many homeowners forget about curb appeal. A nicely mowed lawn will quickly make your home more noticeable. Remove unwanted weeds and trim trees and shrubs to open the views and make the home brighter.

Finally do an overall home walk through. Any leaks? Any light bulbs that need to be replaced? Are the walls clean? Gutters in good condition? Furnace working properly? Buyers want ready to move-in homes that are in good condition. Investing in small repairs and maintenance now will not only add value to your home but it can also help to sell your home faster when the time comes.

The real estate market has improved and home buyers are back! Are you are wondering what your home is worth? If you are thinking of selling, please contact us for a complimentary market analysis in our service areas.