“Does adding landscaping to my home add value?”


Whether you live in a condominium or a single-family house, landscaping can certainly make your home easier to sell. But whether attractive landscaping will add value depends.

Potted plants, freshly edged green lawn and weed-free garden areas will make your home more attractive and appealing. The more appealing the home or condo, the more marketable it is and the faster it will sell.

Well-manicured landscaping helps frame other elements of curb appeal. It is considered a value-added feature because it helps create a positive first impression. Most buyers, however, will not pay extra for trees and lawn, flowers and shrubs.

You can almost always get a return on your investment in decks and patios. As decks have become more desirable, their resale value has continued to increase.

In the yard and garden of your single-family home or in pots on your condo deck or patio, use plants, trees and other landscaping elements freely to make your home more appealing and help you sell it more quickly when the time is right.

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