Pre-Sale Inspections?

Many home Sellers don’t even consider a pre-sale inspection but by skipping this step they will potentially open themselves to another round of price concessions due to items found in the buyers inspection.

If you have lived in your house for many years, when was the last time you crawled into the attic and poked around with a ski pole! Probably never! Over time your house goes through changes and although you have done a great job maintaining it, you can be sure a buyer’s home inspector will find faults and deficiencies with something. Why not find it first and fix it, by hiring your own home inspector and having them go through your house with a fine tooth comb,you may be able to alleviate any surprises and have an opportunity to fix those pesky items that may deter a potential buyer from moving forward or cause price concessions.

In addition it is always best to  disclose certain items ahead of time they are not shocking to a buyer, full disclosure is key! Here’s an analogy… You go to buy a washing machine; you get a 10% discount on the floor model because it has a small ding in the lid. You know the ding is there and you are willing to accept that ahead of time. You buy the machine, ding and all, and you are happy! However, if you buy the machine and don’t know about the ding until you get home the first thing you do is return the machine or call to complain. So show your dings up front to potential buyers so that the offer they make will get to a closing.

Rick Bunzel of Pacific Crest Inspections says, “In this market a seller’s pre-home inspection is critical. Early detection is key for Sellers to alleviate buyer objections and disclose problems up front. With so many homes on the market buyers have the opportunity to walk away and look for something else. In addition, certain buyers are getting what is known as an FHA loan and certain inspection problems may preclude a buyer from going forward.”