Protect Your Investment: Prepare Your Home for Winter


Autumn is officially underway and it is time to prepare your home for the upcoming winter months.  Properly winterizing your home is sure to be a worthy investment as it may reduce the risk of home issues later.

Common ways to protect your home and its value include:

  • Check the heating system by consulting with a licensed professional to ensure heat is being distributed evenly and all vents are open.
  • Secure windows and doors properly using caulking or weather-stripping materials to assist with reducing heating costs.
  • Inspect the roof for cracks or signs of damaged shingles, as well as cracked seals around the chimney and vents, so they can be repaired to avoid future water damage. Also, a professional inspection of the chimney will ensure it is safe for use to provide cozy fires all season.
  • Clean all gutters and remove leaves and other debris as water can collect and cause potential roof and siding damage.
  • Turn off all exterior faucets to avoid pipes freezing by disconnecting all garden hoses and draining any remaining water from the hose and faucet.

Protect your investment – your home might be worth more than you think.  Jean Groesbeck & Associates can help with all of your home buying and selling needs, in addition to accurately determining your home’s value.

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