Anacortes Arts Festival 2018


The 57th Annual Anacortes Arts Festival is one of the oldest and largest arts festivals in the Northwest. Filling the historic downtown Anacortes, it consists of ten blocks of booth artisans from around the country, three stages with live music, and a regional Fine Art Exhibition. There is also a Working Studios area including body painting, blacksmithing, live art demonstrations and more. Food trucks and vendors offer culinary treats including seafood, regional and ethnic dishes and goodies. There will be three beer gardens pouring microbrews, Northwest wine and cocktails. The festival activities also include an active Kids Area and Art Dash, certified in half marathon, 10k or 5k.

This is a FREE event recommended for the whole family with tons of activities!

When: August 3 – 5
Hours: Friday (10am-7pm), Saturday (10am-6pm), Sunday (10am-5pm)

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Jean Groesbeck & Associates LLC

Unique Art Walk Event in Anacortes – March 1st

This Friday is supposed to be a memorable one here in Anacortes!

On Friday March 1st from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00p.m.,  experience some of the most amazing art work you have ever seen. Jennifer Bowman, a very successful artist whose work livens up many private and public collections, will be displaying her 360 degree mural in the model-train room at Anacortes’ Chandler Square retirement village.

This room, having no windows, needed some special help from Bowman, along with some help from Fidalgo & Friends TimeBank of Anacortes, to create such a lively display inspired by the beautiful Anacortes vistas. This event is free for the public but is only happening for one night so be sure to mark your calendar!

Chandler’s Square (Parlor Room)
1300 O Avenue
Anacortes, WA

Jennifer Bowman’s art is also currently being featured at Scott Milo’s Art Gallery in Anacortes which you can also see this Friday from 6-9pm during the Anacortes Art Walk!

Stay safe and enjoy your summer!

This is the time of year that seems to bring out the home-improvement expert in everyone.  It is the perfect time to tackle those large and small projects aroundthe house that you’ve been putting off for months, but before you get started consider these important safety tips:


– Before mowing the lawn, do a walk-through of the area and remove any large rocks, sticks or debris.
– Do not clean the grass exit of a mower by hand; keep the mower on grass, not pavement, which can kick up debris. 
– Wear clothing that offers protection, like sturdy closed-toe shoes and safety goggles or glasses.


– When using a ladder, make sure to place it on level ground and open it completely, making sure all locks engage, this way you can be sure you won’t fall due to a ladder dysfunction.
– Stand at or below the highest safe standing level on a ladder.  For extension ladders specifically, it’s the fourth rung from the top. 
– Always face the ladder when climbing and use slip-resistant shoes.

Power Tools

– Always remember to keep your tools away from oil, sharp edges and heat.
– Disconnect tools when you’re not using them or when replacing a blade, bit or part.
– Keep your work areas well lighted and wear gloves and appropriate footwear to avoid unexpected injury.


Enjoy the rest of the summer and don’t forget The 48th Annual Anacortes Arts Festival is set to begins TODAY!