Keep Your Home Safe

Anacortes and Skagit Valley is so safe compared to other areas of Washington it is easy to get lax about home security. However, during the Holidays there are a lot of strangers passing through town and a lot of packages at the front door of homes. Even though Anacortes is very safe, you should still all make sure that your home is secure and not invite trouble.

Lock Your Locks

You can increase your Home Security

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When it comes to home security, the single most important thing that you can do is to make sure that both your windows and doors are locked. If you like to sleep with a window slightly opened, have it secured with a lock or a stick, and only leave it open an inch or two.

Light Your Lawn

What would you do if you were to hear a noise outside, but had no way to see without opening the door? The proper lighting outside your home is essential as it allows you to view your outside space from the safety of your home’s interior. Motion lights are great!

Customize Your Home Security System

If you don’t have a home security system, you might consider purchasing one. If you purchase a home that already has a system in place, change the code just as you would change the locks to any doors.

Trim Down

If you have large trees, bushes or hedges in your yard, trim them to a level that will allow you to see out the window without an obstructed view. You shouldn’t allow landscaping to block the view of the front door from the street either.

All of these home safety tips are also things that you should do when you buy a new home. We are lucky in Anacortes and Skagit County that our crime rates are very low compared to the city, but it is still a good idea to be proactive.

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