When a Jean Groesbeck & Assoc. Broker Gets an Offer on Your Home


Getting you the best price is critical, but there are other components of an offer that are important to consider before accepting an offer, including:

  • Is the offer subject to financing?  If so, what is the length of time and is the buyer prequalified?  What percentage are they going to put down?  What is the source of the down payment?  Are they asking you to pay any of their closing costs?  What kind of loan is it?  Is it a local lender, an out of the area lender, or an online lender?  It makes a difference!
  • Is the offer subject to the buyers obtaining insurance on the home?  If so, in what time frame?
  • Is the offer subject to inspection?  If so what do they intend to have inspected and in what time frame?  Do they want the septic inspection prior to or after the inspection contingency?
  • What is the closing date?  Does that work for you?
  • How much is the earnest money?  What is the remedy if the buyer defaults? When can it be disbursed?
  • Is the possession date the same as the closing date?  Do you know why it is not always in your best interested to have a possession date later than a closing date?
  • Are they asking for any personal property to be included?  Appliances?
  • Every offer and every transaction is as unique as each seller, so we will review every detail to make sure it is the BEST offer.  Then we will monitor every detail to make sure the transaction goes smoothly for you!


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November Home Maintenance Checklist



Now that Thanksgiving is right around the corner, there are some tasks around the house that should be done so that your home is protected from the winter weather.

Weatherproofing – Locating and securing seal cracks in spaces that let heat out and cold air in can save homeowners five to 30 percent on energy bills each year. Do a thorough search around the windows, doors, baseboards and electrical outlets inside and outside and contact a professional to caulk or seal the areas.

Check fire alarms – The batteries in fire alarms should be replaced or tested twice a year. Dead batteries cause 24 percent of smoke alarm failures, so mark your calendars to get in the habit of checking them throughout the year.

Service the HVAC system – By making sure your heating system is running correctly, not only will your home stay warmer but you will save money on your energy bills. An HVAC expert typically costs $60-$85 an hour and can inspect and tune the system.

Rake dead leaves – Dead leaves will kill your lawn, so be sure to rake and remove them for removal. Lawn maintenance companies offer this service and will often aerate and reseed your lawn to prepare it for spring.

Clean patio furniture – By cleaning the outdoor furniture before it is packed away for the season, grime and build up will be easier to remove now than later.

Secure the home from pests – Like us, when animals are cold they want to find warmth and an attic is often a go-to place for rodents like rats and mice. Rodents like these only need openings as large as the size of a quarter to get in, so by securing and replacing damaged roof tiles and attic vents before snow falls, you may save yourself a larger hassle later.

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