To For-Sale-By-Owner or not? That is the question…

Before you decide to sell on your own, talk to a real estate agent for guidance

Selling a home is not a simple as sticking a sign in the yard and placing an ad on Craigslist. Many For Sale by Owner, or FSBO sellers don’t realize the amount of work and time it takes to sell a home. More often than not, FSBO sellers eventually turn to a real estate agent to sell their home.

When selling your own home you are responsible for all the marketing costs for flyers, signs and online listings. This can add up to hundreds of dollars depending on how much marketing you are willing to do.

Sellers often times forget that selling their own home is time consuming and as some say, time is money! Selling your own home requires long hours of research and marketing efforts not to mention hiring a professional to draw up a contract for you to avoid any liability.

Although it is possible, in our experience, home sellers who want to save the sales commission rarely do so. In most cases, when a professional real estate agent is involved in the sale, the sellers pocket more net cash typically as much as they wanted or more including the professional services.

Most home buyers use a real estate agent. The few who don’t are bargain hunter buyers seeking “For Sale by Owner” homes, expecting to save money. Buying for less is their main goal and this is typically reflected in low ball offers. Opportunistic speculators and investors usually offer less for a “For Sale by Owner” home. Without an agent to represent the owner’s interests, sellers may end up accepting an offer below the value of their home.

Real estate professionals are knowledgeable about the local market and know the highest price a home is likely to bring. A real estate professional can advise the seller on the right price for their home (see how to set the right price for your home here) to get the most money.

A real estate agent has experience and a large personal and professional network with other agents in and outside the local area. Client, agent and agency relationships will boost the marketing of your home and expose it to the largest number of potential buyers.

In contract negotiations, a real estate agent not only is trained to negotiate on your best interest but is also in a better position than an emotionally involved seller. The result will be in a more profitable contract for the seller.

Showing and marketing a home is a full time job and many FSBO sellers just don’t have the time. Are you really ready to put your life on hold for showings at all hours? Do you even know if the person interested is a “real” buyer? More importantly, will you be comfortable with showing your home to anyone who knocks on your door? If you answer “no”, you might want to reconsider selling your home without an agent. It will not only be time consuming and stressful but it can also lead to a potential dangerous situation.

Before you decide to sell your house on your own, contact a local real estate agent and see what they have to offer. (See what questions to ask a listing agent here)

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