Why I Like Samish Island . . .

Dunlins on Samish Island

This morning as I made the drive from Anacortes to a waterfront home I recently sold on Samish Island, there was free entertainment in abundance.  One of the highlights was watching one of our shore birds, probably Dunlins, flock together and take to flight, swooping in synchronized waves alongside the road.  I had to stop and try to capture the magic, definitely one of the perks of selling homes in this beautiful part of Washington state.

Samish Island, about 30 minutes from Anacortes, is a world-renowned bird-watching area.  In my short trip today, bald eagle and great blue heron were also out in abundance.

If you would like to know more about Samish Island, or homes for sale in the area, please give me a call at (360) 202-8888.

Linda Harris and Bingo